Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am so totally here... just not cooking!

Well, that may be a lie.  I have been cooking a bit, although there have not been many photos to report.  Instead, I have been very busy preparing for our upcoming honeymoon and our recent pre-honeymoon trip to Moab, UT.  I would love to share all sorts of pictures and chit-chat about the process of preparing, dehydrating, and packing all of our camping and hiking food for the trip, but I will let Sarah, the trail food genius at, speak for herself :)

For the benefit of any interested parties, I will share that we enjoyed Salmon Pesto Pasta, Curry Chicken Pitas, Curried Chicken Cranberry Couscous, and Pecan Cranberry Ranch Chicken Salad.  We tried out the Orange Rice Salmon, but there is something about dehydrating (or perhaps rehydrating) rice that I still have not quite grasped.  The texture was closer to being edible than our previous attempts with rice, but we were still pretty disappointed with the texture of the rice.  Huge bummer--the flavors were delicious!  Try, try again... or just stick with pasta :)

For the next month, we will be on the road on a cross-country excursion for our honeymoon.  I might just decide to blog, or I might not... we'll see ;)  I will definitely have some great food stories when I get back... we have quite a culinary lineup waiting for us!!!

Until next time...

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